Raphael Crafts:         If you wish to send a greeting or attach a gift card to presents for your friends then you will find here examples of greeting and gift cards that can be ordered from Raphael Crafts.


Each greeting card is printed individually and made by hand from photographs of water colour paintings created by the artist.  Although great care is taken to match shape and colour as closely as possible to the original painting there may be a difference in shade of colour or even proportion in some of the cards.



I approach my water colour work in a unique manner.  It is not abstract or merely symbolic and yet it is an expression of what I wish to convey.

Below are a few thumbnails of pictures.

To see more of these click on 'thumbnails' above.

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You can find thumbnails for the different water colour paintings when you click on the thumbnails item at the top of the page. By clicking on each thumbnail you can enlarge it and find the number and name.

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