Margaretha Johanna Wegerif was born in Holland to an artistic family and immigrated to Cape Town with her parents when she was about two years old.  She grew up and was educated in Cape Town. Her father and paternal grandfather were architects, the latter being very much recognised for his work.  He was also a furniture designer.  Her paternal grandmother was an artist and taught crafts, an unusual occupation for a woman in her time.  She introduced batic to Europe.

Her mother was a fine art painter and also loved to sing.  Margaretha has both her parents to thank for an artistic, fruitful upbringing as they both showed an interest in the children's artistic and musical activities.  Her father was more subtle in his remarks and there are two statements he made which influenced her her whole life.  The one was about art in which he stated that 'the line was a lie in nature.'  The other statement he made when we were practising piano and that was that one should bring over the tone from one note to another, that is that one should not entirely separate the notes.  This is a very subtle fact that influenced Margaretha in her music as well as in her painting because she works on the basis of bringing colours together and blending them.

Margaretha studied fine art, teaching and art therapy throughout her life in different situations.  She also had experience in nursing and social settings such as the Camphill Movement and a boarding school in Germany.  She worked in the commercial world and these various occupations prepared her for her work as a therapist and teacher and in her painting.

She retired after working for several years at the Michael Mount Waldorf School and afterwards devoted her time to crafts and painting. Since her retirement she has exhibited and sold her work.

The idea to print and make her own greeting cards came about when there was a demand for some of the prints and a request and need for cards at Michael Mount.  Since then the interest in her fine art greeting cards has grown and also the need for a more versatile collection.


Margaretha says:

I basically work in watercolour working from indications on colour given by Goethe in his Theory of Colour and by Rudolf Steiner. I have worked as teacher and art therapist putting these ideas into practise. I retired in 2004 and in 2007 I started painting seriously in watercolour and exhibited for the first time at Molla's Art Gallery in February 2008.  On an impulse I had some of my paintings scanned and printed and the reception was so good that with time I enlarged my repertoire and started producing gift cards of my watercolours on my own.  This has been well received and I have continously endeavoured to improve on the quality of the gift cards.

I usually start painting with some colours in mind and paint out of the colour.  Sometimes I have an idea and work with this.  However even then I approach it mainly from the colour aspect.  As the painting evolves forms are created out of the colours.  This requires intense concentration and the painting is like a conversation between the artist (myself) and the painting as it evolves.  So it is the process not so much the result that is important. The painting is not there so much for its intellectual or representational content as that it needs to speak to the heart or soul of the one looking at the painting.  This is primarily its value.

Lately I have started to work with colour pencil crayons and some of these pictures are also displayed here.



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