The thumbnails below are of fine art greeting cards made from photographs of water colour paintings created by Margaretha Wegerif.  The greeting cards are printed individually and made by hand.  Because these cards are individually printed and made there will be differences in tone of colour and shade and sometimes even in proportion.  When editing great care is taken to produce the cards artistically.  This makes the fine art cards unique as they are all different, more versatile and no two are the same.

There are different types of cards:

Most of the cards are A6 size.  It is also possible to order A5 size cards.

They can be borderless or with borders.

The borderless prints are sometimes altered due to the format.

They can be single prints, folded with the the picture on the front


folded with the picture on the front and in inserted folded paper inside.

There is no printed message inside the cards and therefore  space for one's own message.

However if it is so wished a message could always be printed on order.

The folded cards are provided with envelopes.

One can also order gift cards which are provided with envelopes.

 Click on the thumbnail to see the complete picture.


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